We manage Mocky, Kante, Seabear & Sin Fang.


We do everything for Morr Music, Disko B and Chicks On Speed Records and work on a project by project basis with Gomma, Karaoke Kalk, Italic, Outhere Records and others.



We publish music with the publishing companies Söder & Wacha, M+S Industries, Heavy Sheet Music and Edition Kantine.

Our publishing repertoire includes songs performed by Mocky, Chicks On Speed, Gustav, Jamie Lidell, Feist, Lali Puna, Seabear, Sin Fang Bous, Kante, Soffy O, Schlachthofbronx, Puppetmastaz, Gonzales, Butcher The Bar, The Go Find, Electronicat, ISO68, Christian Kleine, Kevin Blechdom, Herrmann & Kleine, Arovane, Bobby & Blumm, It's A Musical, Bernhard Fleischmann, Tied + Tickled Trio, Saroos, Jersey, Dat Politics, Populous, Abe Duque, Dakar & Grinser, Carlo Fashion/Carl Oesterhelt, Creme De Menthe and others.



Music we represent (Master and/or (Co-)Publishing) has been used in a wide range of TV Series, Movies and Commercials. To see more, check out the selection below:

Sin Fang for Target 2014 Sin Fang for Paul Frank - 2014 FM Belfast for A1 - 2014 Schlachthofbronx for Kenzo - 2013 Sin Fang for Alien Workshop - 2013 Sóley for Human Rights Watch - 2012 Sindri Már Sigfússon for Strava - 2012 Schlachthofbronx for Zenga - 2012 Pascal Pinon for Titis - 2012 FM Belfast for Yunikue - 2012 Fenster for Last - 2012 Schlachthofbronx for Chanel - 2012 Chicks On Speed for Zalando - 2012 Butcher The Bar for Twothirds - 2012 B.Fleischmann for Astro+Fiat - 2012 Electric President - Ten Thousand Lines for Asics - 2011 Radical Face - Doorways for FOX Trailer - 2011 Telekinesis - Please Ask For More for Syzygy - 2011 Seabear - I Sing I Swim for Ecco - 2011 Seabear - I Sing I Swim for Gant - 2011 Sin Fang - Catch The Light for Ford - 2011 People Press Play - These Days for Nikoline - 2010 Electric President - Grand Machine No 12 for Chevrolet - 2010 Radical Face - Welcome Home for Chevrolet - 2010 Electronicat - Till I Die for Woolworths - 2010